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A couple weeks ago I was enjoying a Friday afternoon at our local Peet’s (yay – our favorite coffee shop chain in walking/biking distance!), working at a sunny outside table. Jeph sent me an email with a picture he took when we visited Pt. Reyes National Seashore a couple weeks prior. It’s a seagull balancing on one leg with the other leg straight out to the back. He dubbed it “the seagull warrior pose” (it’s like Warrior III pose, only no arms extended in the front.) He said “it’s the new craze at the yoga gyms” to which I replied “you mean, at our yoga studio, to which he replied “yeah, our ashram.”

That got me thinking about what an ashram is, so I Wiki’d it, of course, and what I found was pretty interesting. In it’s key attributes, an ashram is what we are creating in our new home:

  • a place to practice yoga, make music (create), study spirituality (consciousness)…
  • a place for regular physical and spiritual (self development) exercises…
  • a place to find solace and tranquility…
  • amidst nature…
  • a place to learn and practice the art of personal power…

Om shanti shanti shanti



Love the chalkboard idea and your version of "what is ashram?"

Many of the same types of things I am always trying to create in my home.

I am enjoying learning more about your new life and what you have been up to through this site – and was pleasantly surprised to find out Jeph sews!!! Wow!!! You two are always full of surprises with your many talents.

Hope you had a Happy New Year – looking forward to reading more of this at a later time, right now my "to do" list is calling….


Nice to know you visited our ashram, in spirit!

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