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Tiburon and Toddy

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J and I have been enjoying regular walks along Richardson Bay in Tiburon. There’s a nice flat trail we like to walk on Sundays, when we want something not-very-challenging after a solid yoga session. A few weeks ago, though, we got that “itchy” feeling – the urge to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. A lot of times for us that means planning another major move, but we’re trying notch it down a bit with smaller changes like exploring a new area. So, we decided to head up into the Tiburon Hills and walk around the little white church known as Old St. Hilary’s.

How wonderful that this open space has been preserved for all to enjoy! There’s something special about being up high, with spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and skyline in the distance. It’s a nice open hillside so no shade to get in the way of that precious winter sun, and the plant life is abundant and diverse. I’ve particularly been enjoying the bold bursts of color from California Poppies and the orange moss that lives on so many of the rocks around here.

The rarity and profusion of plants is a result of the preserve’s geology, which includes steep hillsides of serpentine, level areas of deeper soil and a series of fresh-water springs. With full sun and prevailing winds, the area allows an impressive number of sedges, rushes and grasses to thrive along with attractive and conspicuous flowers.
-Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society

This past weekend we had the privilege of hanging out with one of our dear friends, Todd Martin, “Toddy” as I like to call him, and we took him up the hill for a hike. He’s one of those solid friends you know you can always count on for love, support, wisdom, and a good laugh. Todd and I met when he took me under his wing at the since-closed Ivy’s restaurant in Hayes Valley. In the world of difficult personalities that is the restaurant biz, he was a breath of fresh air. That was in 1996 (15 years ago!) and through the peaks and valleys of our lives, that big-hearted Pisces and I (and J, too) have remained close, no matter how far apart geographically. Todd has faced intense challenges and his perseverance and personal growth are an inspiration to us. His hard work and commitment to a healthy, holistic (and positively contributing) life have created serious positive momentum for him and no one deserves it more.